Living with roommates can be a huge pain in the fucking ass

Two of my roommates got in a argument today over whether or not to kick 2 other roommates out or not and I am sort of in the middle of this crap and the whole thing is a load of fucking horse manure…

The reason my roommate “Jefferson” wanted to kick out my other roommates “Pierre” and “Rico” was because apparently they almost burned the house down not once or twice but three times when they were either fucked up on booze or benz, and to top it off this was just within the span of three or so weeks. Also they were being fucking crazy yelling drunks (they are new roommates that “Sweet Dee” vouched for) so I see why Jefferson would want them out.

So Sweet Dee says that she wants them to stay no matter what to Jefferson (To be fair Pierre and Rico have stopped drinking/benz and have been doing really good recently but who knows if itll last its only been like a week since they’ve stopped fucking up) so Jefferson gets angry and tells her off, threatens to move out then eventually he storms off.

Later on Sweet Dee says she wants to talk to me, first she tells me that I talk too loud, but mostly too loud for her (I was kinda pissed at first but whatever I can’t stay mad about trivial stuff like that) So promise ill try to keep my voice down around her.

But she proceeds to start talking about her argument with Jefferson and how right she was and how wrong he was for what felt like over an hour. She probably just needed to vent but I have anxiety and this shit stresses me out and it fucks with my head for the rest of the day. I am usually a good listener but fuck I get stressed easy.

I mean shit man I don’t honestly know which one I agree with even, prolly Jefferson because I don’t want to die in a fire but I dont fucking know.

TLDR: Fuck all rge drama and stress and anxiety and all the other bullshit